Custom ADA signs

Engrave-Tech & Graphics specializes in the design and fabrication of custom architectural ADA signs. Jennifer Anthony is a published author for trade journals on the topic of ADA signage and we offer ADA consultation services on the regulatory requirements for ADA signage compliance. You can be certain that your ADA signage will meet all applicable guidelines of the 2010 ADA Standards for Accessible Design.

We offer ADA signage in a wide variety of materials, colors, and finishes.


Rastered ADA signs are the most economical choice for ADA signage. Letters are precisely formed using laser technology and adhered to the sign face using pressure-sensitive 3M adhesive. Braille spheres are drilled and set into the substrate to achieve a perfectly compliant domed shape.

Available materials:

  • 1/32″, 1/16″, or 1/8″ thick Rowmark ADA Alternative plastic
  • 1/16″, 1/8″, 1/4″, 3/8″, 1/2″, 3/4″, or 1″ thick acrylic (non-glare clear with second surface paint or direct UV screened graphic), frosted (clear or second surface paint), matte white, matte black, or painted first surface finish
  • 1/8″, 1/4″, or 1/2″ thick aluminum with brushed, clear anodized, or painted finish
  • 1/8″or 1/4″ thick stainless steel with 4B brushed finish
  • 1″ thick solid wood (any species)
  • 1/16″, 1/8″, 1/4″, 3/8″, 1/2″, 3/4″, or 1″ raw or painted acrylic backer with .020 Wilsonart solid surface or metal laminate or real wood veneer
  • Tactile lettering made from minimum 1/32″ thickness Rowmark ADA Alternative (solid color) or matte/clear with first or second surface paint
  • Braille: choose from clear, white, black, stainless steel, brass gold, or painted finish


Thermoformed ADA signs are the best choice for integral copy signs. This type of sign is used widely in high-traffic buildings such as hospitals and schools where one-piece construction is warranted to prevent vandalism and withstand heavy duty cleaning. Thermoform is widely accepted as the preferred option over photopolymer signs due to its superior UV stability. The thermoform process is also attractive from an environmental standpoint as signs can be made from recycled acrylic scrap/waste.

We use a computer-generated engraving process to create a mold. The mold is treated with a release agent and then pressed with acrylic sheeting using a heavy-duty thermal press. The resulting sign has one-piece construction where all raised elements and Braille are integral with the back plate of the sign. The pressed sign is then finished using first or second surface paint or screened graphics and the tactile characters are tipped using screen printing ink. The signs can be painted and tipped using any combination of commercial paint or PMS colors (provided there is sufficient LRV contrast between the colors to meet ADA guidelines).

Available materials:

  • 1/16″, 1/8″, 1/4″, 3/8″, 1/2″, 3/4″, or 1″ thick matte clear or painted acrylic


Engrave-Tech employs the Matthews Paint Intermix System which allows us to paint to match any commercial paint or PMS color. All signs are prepped and painted using a 2-part polyurethane low-VOC satin paint. For maximum durability, we recommend using a clear coat on any sign with first surface UV screened graphics or ink-tipped tactile lettering.


We can cut ADA signage into any shape using either a laser-cut or router-cut process. Signs can be made with multiple layers. Signs might be placed into a plastic, metal, or curved frame, and we can use metal rails, rods, flat bar, or standoffs to add decorative accents to the sign. We offer a wide variety of options for changeable message signs including slide-in brackets, clear windows, and rails. We also offer signs with In Use/Vacant sliders for conference and meeting rooms.


Mounting options for ADA signs include VHB tape, countersunk holes with painted flat-head screws, standard holes, decorative standoffs in a wide variety of sizes and finishes, magnet/tin tape, hook and loop tape, and plastic or metal frames. Please browse our galleries on this site and let us know how we can help you with your ADA signage needs. Additional resources are available at the bottom of this page.



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