Engrave-Tech & Graphics fabricates custom stencils for a wide variety of commercial applications. Our stencils have been used by concrete coating companies to create high-detail stained concrete flooring. One-time-use vinyl stencils can be used to paint graphics on walls. Striping companies often ask us to make heavy-duty reusable stencils to mark traffic and parking lot graphics. Stencils are also used in a number of industrial applications for part and equipment marking.



Paint mask vinyl is a one-time use solution when a crisp painted, inked, or stained edge is required. It is best used on a smooth surface such as a painted flat wall or a smooth bare or pre-stained concrete floor. Paint mask vinyl can be supplied in pieces up to 60” x 144”.


Oilboard is the most economical choice for reusable stencils. Our heavy duty .015” thick oil-coated paper board resists ink or paint bleed and is ideal for flat or curved surfaces. The oilboard stencil can be reused as long as there is not significant ink or paint build-up around the edges. Our oilboard stencils are laser cut and can be supplied in pieces up to 24” x 36”.


Polystyrene stencils are the preferred choice for heavy-duty stencil applications such as pavement marking. Polystyrene stencils can be cleaned with mineral spirits or lacquer thinner and stored for future use. Polystyrene is available in .040”, .060”, and .080” thickness. Our polystyrene stencils are cut by a CNC router and can be supplied in pieces up to 60” x 120”.

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